Polyaspartic Resins

Polyaspartic coatings are based on the reaction of a polyisocyanate with a polyaspartic ester which is an aliphatic diamine. Polyaspartic polyurea is a novel aliphatic polyurea floor coating system which allows the 2 components to have the desired UV resistance and colorfastness. Polyaspartic resins are more preferable resins because they have high mechanical and chemical properties (adhesion, chemical solvents, acid and bases, hardness and mechanical strength) compared to double component resins such as epoxy and acrylate.


They are mainly used in;
- Exterior coatings (if color stability is required)
- Swimming pools and furniture
- Roofs and garages
- Wind power plants
- Outdoor and indoor pipe coatings
- Plane hangars
- On the ground of malls, hospitals and airports

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