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Our company applied to the Ministry of Industry in 2017 for the development of new technologies and products in a separate unit after our R&D and product development studies, which have been going on for 26 years, became official and were entitled to become an R&D Center in the same year. Our R&D Center has an area of 250 m2 and is located in the İzel Kimya factory. Our R&D Center employs full-time chemists, chemical engineers, chemical technicians and support personnel who have doctorate, master's, undergraduate and associate degree degrees.

Our R&D Center supports its employees in doing postgraduate and doctoral studies. In addition, all R&D personnel are encouraged and pioneered to receive training and seminars from other organizations in order to improve their skills. Our goal is to follow the technological developments in the resin industry, to carry out applied research and to be a competent R&D Center that enables new products to be released to the world market. We aim to provide added value to our world and our country with scientific studies to be carried out in this context. Izel Kimya R&D Center presents its scientific studies with its technological infrastructure and competent staff on many national and international platforms.

Izel Kimya has successfully completed many public (KOBI, TEYDEB, etc.) and internally supported projects in the past years. Currently, there are many ongoing projects, and with these projects, employment is provided in the field of chemistry and the appropriate infrastructure for scientific studies is prepared by increasing the number of devices. Many projects related to the production of water and solvent based Alkyd Resins, Saturated Polyester Resins, water and solvent based Acrylic Resin have been successfully completed. Researches for the production of special resins such as Polyaspartic Resins, which are competitive with the big companies in the market, have been concluded with success. In addition, our efforts to increase the amount of bio-based and harmless raw materials in our products and to produce solvent-free products for "Green Chemistry", which is an important phenomenon for sustainable development in the world, are progressing rapidly.

The objectives of our R&D center can be summarized as follows;

-Development of new products,

-Development of production technologies,

-Cost reduction studies in existing product productions,

-Development of economical and environmentally friendly products,

-Increasing the competencies of R&D personnel,

-Development of joint projects with universities and other companies.


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